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Out-Of-Home Radio Listening
Radio Programming for Out-Of-Home vs. In-Home Listening

Katz Radio Group has recently conducted an analysis of Nielsen's June 2023 RADAR release and found that the majority (73%) of adults aged 25-34 who listen to the radio on a weekly basis do so while they are outside their homes.  The most popular times for out-of-home (OOH) radio listening are during midday, accounting for 80% of the listening share, and in the afternoon commute, representing 79% of the listening share.  For advertisers, Katz recommends that brands capitalize on these moments when listeners are more likely to be at home and have a higher attention span by promoting home-based products, non-store retailers, and aspirational concepts such as travel.  


From a programming perspective, we think that these findings also have an impact on how radio programmers tailor their approach to non-music content.  Specifically, during times when OOH listening is at its peak and people are in their cars, keep DJ breaks, branding/imaging, and contesting messages as simple, concise, and to the point as possible.  When listeners are more likely to be at home, breaks in which DJs have longer interaction with listeners can be embraced.  During these times with higher at-home listening, radio stations can better embrace the kinds of contests that require more attention from the listener/participant.  


It’s a worthwhile read, so check it out: