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Global Media’s Strategic Perceptual (SP) is a full-scale market segmentation study designed to help you discover key listener perceptions about your station(s) & competitors, appraise market potential, increase market share for an existing format, or provide a format search analysis. In addition, our Strategic Fit Analysis (SFA) uses a proprietary, multi-variate matrix to determine correlation, to show you what music styles tend to be liked/disliked by the same listeners. SPs can be conducted in as little as two weeks, using telephone (CATI), in-person (CAPI), or online (CAWI) interviews.

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Global Media’s Digital Auditorium Music Test (“AMT”) not only provides song scores for all of your existing and potential library titles, but also real-time analysis of the effectiveness of your station’s music flow, TV spots, personality talk breaks, and newscasts…all captured moment-to-moment using our new digital touchscreen Audience Response System. Results are delivered in Global Media’s easy-to-use Analyst music-sorting software, and Global Media's Cluster Analysis will help you decide which songs fit best with your target audience's tastes.

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Global Media’s Online Music Test (“OMT”) utilizes innovative and user-friendly online survey software to test your station’s music library, while maintaining strict sampling controls. The experience is convenient and enjoyable for respondents, and you can test a variety of content and ask countless types of perceptual questions. The final data is presented in the same Global Media Analyst software that we use for our traditional AMTs, and also includes Global Media's Cluster Analysis, to help you determine which songs fit best for your station.

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Global Media’s Content Analysis Test is an “Auditorium Test” for news/talk stations or morning shows. Like our AMT, our CAT uses touchscreen keypads to gather moment-to-moment feedback as well as qualitative intelligence on news and talk segments, and it is scalable for groups of 15-100 respondents.

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Every day your consumers are using Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube and other platforms to share opinions. Our Social Media Sonar scours all of this “big data,” allowing you to spot trends and to gain nearly instantaneous feedback on any programming and marketing so that you can make ongoing improvements to your on-air product.


Global Media’s Interactive Insider focuses on a small sample of your listeners, and takes place in an online bulletin board forum over several days. Utilize flexible mobile capabilities to exchange audio and video back-and-forth with listeners in creative new ways, digging deep into their opinions and receiving detailed interactive feedback on your station and its content.