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Five-ish More Questions with Seth Resler

Back in 2016, we featured an interview with Seth Resler, the “Digital Dot Connector” at Jacobs Media, in which Seth shared his thoughts about online strategies for radio stations (http://globalmediarcp.com/news/5-ish-questions-seth-resler). In the time since, Seth has continued to raise his profile as an expert on radio in the digital space, and has written many articles and spoken at many events about the subject.

We need to show that radio is "not limited to our towers and transmitters"

This is a really good interview with Clear Channel's CEO Bob Pitman.  He's been building Clear Channel into a multi-platform company, encompassing radio stations that reach over 240 million people a month, outdoor advertising that reaches 150 million people a month, a digital platform that now reaches over 60 million people, and now they've invested in a theater at the Burbank Studios that was formerly home to "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno."  And, evidently, now they're making TV shows too.  It's a great story from a company that's definitely trying to move b

5 Questions With Global Media: Bob Perry

Bob Perry

For the first installment of our ongoing series "5 Questions With Global Media," we sat down with International Radio Programming Consultant Bob Perry:

GM: We’ve all heard the term "consultant" in our business; how would you define it when it comes to your specific situation, and how does it apply with your clients?

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