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We’re always pleased to read encouraging findings like this one from Nielsen’s Total Audience Report that was released today here in the US: “radio had the largest reach across platforms at 92%.”  The report even touts positive results for TSL/Time-Spent-Listening: “On a weekly basis, adults 18+ spend 12 hours, 20 minutes with radio but only 26 minutes per week with streaming audio on a smartphone and five minutes a week with streaming audio on a tablet. Even among Millennials (18-34), radio racked up nearly ten hours a week compared to 42 minutes of streaming audio on a smartphone and six minutes on a tablet. “The overwhelming majority of audio usage that we capture is done by radio,” Miller says. “Certainly people listen on smartphones and smart speakers and all these other devices but when you line up the sheer time spent, there’s still a big chunk of time being spent with radio.”


Check out the full report here: http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/insights/reports/2018/q1-2018-total-audience-report.html