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David Field, CEO of radio operator Entercom, has become one of the loudest advocates for the radio industry.  Since acquiring CBS Radio in 2017, Field’s company is bullish on an industry that he feels is well suited to capitalize on some of the issues plaguing digital advertising: “In a time when social media is populated by fake news, bots, and political rancor, brands are turning to the relatively safe environment of radio.”  Additionally, Field’s passion for the industry is fueled by “new investments in formats such as podcasts,” coupled with an ongoing focus on our “traditional strengths — sports, news, and personalities” that will help to engineer future growth and prosperity. 


We found Field’s interview in this month’s issue of PR Week to be an inspiring read and worthy of sharing on the Global Media blog: https://www.prweek.com/article/1486128/entercom-ceo-radio-ripe-rediscovery-era-disruption