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In a special report from Fast Company entitled “Building a Brand That Matters,” the magazine brought together four anonymous industry leaders to give their candid thoughts on “What’s really on the minds of branding bigwigs?”  Interestingly (and most relevant to those of us in the audio entertainment industry) when asked “What are the major challengers for marketers right now?”, the CMO on the panel said the following:


“People are starting to talk a lot more about challenges around voice. What will brands look like in a more voice-oriented world? In a world of Alexa and Google Home and chatbots, what’s the role of brand? That’s a really, really interesting question, and a challenge for us all. Is there a post-logo world there? It’s just so interesting to think that the visual world may become less important, and what that means. I think things are going to become more auditory. What does an auditory cue sound like for a brand?”


All of us in the radio industry have long known the importance of these “auditory cues,” which is why having a consistent sound and compelling imaging production can be so crucial in getting listeners to recall our brands.  We here at Global Media are planning to devote a series of future blog posts to imaging production and the role that this can serve in creating successful radio brands so please stay tuned for more to come…


If you want to read the article in its entirety, please check out the following: