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We’re enjoying reading the Q2, 2017 Nielsen Total Audience Report that was released recently. 


Some highlights for us:


“AM/FM radio is an away-from-home medium with employed users who listen 2.5 hours longer than those not employed. The audience is very consistent all year with very high reach and frequent usage at 5 out 7 days per week. Most listening goes to the listener’s favorite station and there are many formats tailored to reach a large group with common interests.”


“Most AM/FM radio listening is spent with just one station, the listeners’ favorite station.”  In particular, “listeners spend 87% of their AM/FM radio time tuned into one of their three favorite stations.  58% of their listening goes to just one station, the listener's P1, based on the amount of time spent with each. From there, according to the Nielsen report, listeners spend 19% of their traditional radio time with a second favorite and 10% with a third favorite station.”


Another finding that caught our attention was the following: “At least 65% of American adults listen to the radio away from the home between 6 am-7pm during weekdays. And consumption peaks at 75% outside of the home during afternoon drive from 3pm-7pm.”


If you want to see the full report, visit www.nielsen.com or send us an email: info@GlobalMediaRCP.com.