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Back in July 2019, we posted a story about Alt 92.3 New York (https://alt923.radio.com) and their then-new #2MinutePromise, which assured listeners that they would never play more than two minutes of commercials at a time (http://www.globalmediarcp.com/news/alt-923-nyc-its-2-minute-promise). In the following 6 months, the station saw nice ratings gains in their target 18-34 and 18-49 demos:

We asked Entercom’s Senior VP of Programming and Alt 92.3 Program Director Mike Kaplan, and APD / Assistant Brand Manager / midday host Christine Malovetz for some insight into how they decided on this approach, and how it's been working for the station.

GM: Congratulations on the upward ratings trends. What motivated Alt 92.3 to implement the “2 Minute Promise?”

(MIKE) We were motivated by the evolving media consumption habits of our core audience. Millennials and post-millennials have become accustomed to shorter ad units. And with millennials being the fastest growing segment of the audience, it’s crucial brands fit their needs.
(CHRISTINE) Radio has always been able to react and evolve quickly: this is one way that we can adapt to meet our audience’s expectations while maintaining radio’s unique strengths.

GM: What has the reaction been like from listeners?

(MIKE) Overwhelmingly positive and instantaneous.
(CHRISTINE) It’s been so rewarding as a new brand to see how quickly listeners recognized that we were doing something different and embraced it.

GM: In your opinion, how has the 2 Minute Promise changed the flow of the station, and/or the listening experience?

(MIKE) Completely. Pacing has notably increased and the perceived energy reflects the shorter attention span of today’s consumer.
(CHRISTINE) We abide by the “brief bright and tight” method of delivering content, so by combining that approach with such short commercial breaks, we’re constantly focused on forward momentum – and TSL growth.

GM: What do advertising clients think of the shortened (but more frequent) commercial breaks?
(MIKE) Direct clients are thrilled they’re not being lumped in with a plethora of ads. Each sponsor now stands above the clutter of long commercial stopsets.  

GM: Was it difficult to convince the sales department to try something new, which is so different from what most other stations are doing?

(MIKE) Our team’s 100% on-board. They get our efforts to provide client partners this unique and effective platform for showcasing their messages.

Thanks very much to Mike and Christine for their feedback, and congratulations to Mike on adding Brand Manager for KROQ Los Angeles to his impressive list of titles! We'll be sure to keep track of how the #2MinutePromise continues to work for Alt 92.3, and if you have also tried a unique approach to scheduling commercial breaks on your station(s), we'd love to hear from you at info@GlobalMediaRCP.com!