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According to our friends at The Pew Research Center, 64% of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind, up from 35% in the spring of 2011.  The following article is a great read for those wanting to see how people, especially millennials, are using their smartphones:




For those of us in the entertainment industry, it’s especially useful to see that “three-quarters of younger smartphone owners (75%) indicated using their phone to watch videos at least once over the study period, compared with 31% of those 50 and older (a difference of 44 percentage points). And 64% of younger adults used their phones at one time or another to listen to music or podcasts — a 43-point difference compared with the 21% of older users who did so.”


Here at Global Media, we’ve recently completed some research of our own on the millennial population, the results of which we will be disseminating gradually over the next few months.  A key finding is that one of the major reasons millennials seem to be spending less time with radio is the perceived lack of programming variety, coupled in with the fact that this generation finds itself with less and less time for radio.  Given what we see in this latest research from Pew, we continue to see a growing need for radio stations to invest in multiple web radios that would be available as progressive downloads on to smartphones and tablets.  This is an area that we see as a great growth opportunity for the radio industry, one that we are actively helping our clients to optimize by ensuring that all aspects of the consumer experience are as appealing and tailored to the target audience as possible.