It is troublesome to do nothing and regret it later—and this ideology has led the 15-year-old to pick up a stray cat on his way home from school. However, Araragi is unexpectedly absorbed into his own bathroom mirror and trapped inside a bizarre world where everything he knows is completely reversed—the haughty Karen Araragi is shorter than usual, poker-faced Yotsugi Ononoki is brimming with emotion, and cute ghost girl Mayoi Hachikuji is a grown woman! Strike the Blood is a vampire anime with action, ecchi, supernatural, fantasy as genres. However, one disaster after another leads to Mahiru accidentally forming a contract with his new freeloader, dragging him into a life-threatening battle of supernatural servants and bloodthirsty beings that is anything but simple. Now, as these two dance a rondo of death in the Vampire Bund, Mina and Akira find out just how deep their bond goes. Fearing Kojou's destructive potential, the Lion King Organization sends in an apprentice sword-shaman, Yukina Himeragi, to monitor, and should he become a threat, kill the boy deemed the world's most powerful vampire. Years later, when Shiki is in high school, the head of the Toono household—his father—dies, and he is ordered to move back in by his sister Akiha, who is the new head of the household. Furthermore, extremist groups like the Rosenkreuz Order strive to rekindle a war, despite the factions' attempts to avoid direct conflict. About They were not human but devils, vampires, and exorcists seeking the Forbidden Grimoire. Reimu Hakurei is the maiden working at said shrine. What are those strange monsters attacking them? Humanity went to war against this new species and triumphed, but some of the vampires managed to survive. Monogatari Series: Second Season revolves around these individuals and their struggle to overcome the darkness that is rapidly approaching. Bundled with the tenth limited-edition volume of Blood Lad manga. The only gateway between the two worlds is the Hakurei shrine. Why are Vampires trapped in Blue Town? The second season of Strike the Blood which adapts three arcs from the 9th, 11th, and 12th light novel volumes. When a gateway between Earth and the Beyond opened three years ago, New Yorkers and creatures from the other dimension alike were trapped in an impenetrable bubble and were forced to live together. After seeing his grandfather, Joseph Joestar, and fighting Joseph's friend Muhammad Abdul, Jotaro learns that the "Spirit" is actually Star Platinum, his Stand, or fighting energy given a semi-solid form. They appear in many Anime and manga. When Fuyumi Yanagi, a Japanese girl, accidentally wanders through a portal leading into the demon world, Staz is overjoyed. !/Baccardio no Shizuku, Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi: Kokoro Utsuri no Toukoubi - School Attendance Day, Dance in the Vampire Bund: Special Edition, Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2. Miyu is pursued by the Spiritualist Himiko, determined to find out who Miyu is and to stop her from sucking the life blood from helpless humans. These anime vary accordingly in their genre, ranging from heavy gore and bloody to sweet romance and comedy. This sure as hell isn't the afterlife Hiro was hoping for, but the really sad part is that Hime is the good girl in all of this... or at least as close to good as you can come when you're on the wrong side of the gates of hell! A short conclusion memorial PV promoting the final tankoubon volume of the Blood Lad manga going on sale. Armed with only a single handgun, Alucard wreaks havoc on the monsters plaguing Cheddar. Toshio and Natsuno form an unlikely pair as they work together to save Sotoba before it transforms into a ghost town of vampires. Welcome to this brand new Anime List Countdown, which contains only vampire action anime series. TV14 • Animation, Anime • TV Series (2020) Long-lost twins Towa and Setsuna reunite after ten years to discover that they are the half-demon daughters of the great demon Sesshomaru. However, Shiki holds a huge secret. Hello Anime Lovers! For anyone looking for recommendations of Monster-themed anime to watch, this is the list for you! [Written by MAL Rewrite], 60 years ago, a strange case of insomnia struck the population, forcing them to stay awake for more than a full week. Description: Hellsing follows the antiheroic vampire, Alucard, and a police girl-turned-vampire, Seras Victoria, two vampires employed by the vampire-extermination group of England, the Hellsing Organization. When it comes to good vampire anime, this list has all the vampire anime shows you'll love, including new and old school anime. Demi-chan wa Kataritai follows Takahashi's daily life in Shibasaki High School together with his three Demi students—Hikari Takanashi, an energetic vampire; Kyouko Machi, a gentle dullahan; and Yuki Kusakabe, the shy snow woman. A recap episode of episodes 1 through 10 of Kekkai Sensen. A young girl arrives to study abroad, only to be caught in a bizarre incident as she enters university. With her siblings—Anju, her reserved yet affectionate younger sister, and Ren, her womanizing elder brother—helping her abilities remain a secret by altering the affected humans' memories, no one is the wiser. Her routine changes when a new boy at school catches her attention and makes her blood rush for a whole other reason. Among the nobles was the "Noblesse," a powerful individual shrouded in mystery named Cadis Etrama di Raizel, or "Rai." Sitemap. Unfortunately, their naivety and severe lack of knowledge make living peacefully among earthlings much more difficult than they imagined. A brooding and mysterious girl named Saya is the best teropterid slayer there is, and now, in 1960s Japan, she is sent to a U. S. army base which may be infested... Welcome to the fascinating world of Gensokyo, in which youkai (A term for all sorts of spiritual creatures), animals and some humans live, completely separated from our world by a magical barrier. Lists that rank the best horror, gore, zombie, vampire, and creepy anime and manga you need to check out. Notice at Collection A quiet gothic horror story about a vampire girl, Miyu, whose destiny it is to hunt down murderous demons known as Shinma and return them to their land of origin, the Dark. (Source: AniDB). Akira Kaburagi does not believe in vampires and gets uneasy whenever they are brought up, although he has yet to realize why. It isn't long before he is thrust into the center of attention when it is discovered that he is the fourth primogenitor, an immensely powerful vampire whom most consider to be merely a legend. He learns that he is unable to die and continues to live for a thousand years as Japan evolves into a future society. [Written by MAL Rewrite], Peaceful schoolgirl by day, fearsome monster slayer by night, Saya Kisaragi is leading a split life. However, there is one golden rule at Youkai Academy—all humans found on school grounds are to be executed immediately! Consequently, a diabolical group under the alias "Nine," who seek the miracles of the once godlike dragons, stirs up trouble in the streets of Tokyo, commiting mass murder and causing destruction. Charley, a cyborg vampire who does the Vatican's dirty work, is the thrall of the local vampire playboy Johnny Rayflo. But when he obtains the "All-seeing Eyes of the Gods" at the expense of his sister's eyesight, he goes to Hellsalem's Lot in order to help her by finding answers about the mysterious powers he received. As Araragi peels back the layers of mystery surrounding an apparition, he discovers a truth not meant to be revealed. Not long after Kouhei returns home, he discovers Hazuki has nested in his home, where he reluctantly allows her to stay. An adaptation of the original five volume arc of the popular JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga, covering the Phantom Blood chapters. As he affectionately names the feline Kuro, little does he know that this chance meeting will spark an extraordinary change in his everyday life. With its power to change the fate of the world, Yuliy and his friends must locate the artifact before the vampires can use it to achieve their destructive goals. Shikou Academy student council president Rem Kaginuki calls on the girl, and she begins having mysterious encounters with the student council members. Integra's vast army, however, pales in comparison with her ultimate weapon: the vampire Alucard, who works against his own kind as an exterminator for Hellsing. However, contrary to history, powerful dragons once ruled over this world of creatures and humans but have since disappeared. Anime series Vampire Knight blends elements of drama and mystery. The episodes were also aired at later dates on TV Aichi, TV Hokkaido, TV Osaka, TV Setouchi, and TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co. Charlotte's father offers a rich bounty, be she dead or alive, a task D willingly accepts, even with notorious Markus brothers and their gang of bounty hunters seeking the prize as well. List of the latest vampire TV series in 2021 on tv and the best vampire TV series of 2020 & the 2010's. The fate of mankind is doomed in the early 21st century due to losing "purana," an essence of living force supporting all life forms. (Source: RightStuf), Freelance photographer Kouhei Morioka is traveling to a castle in Germany to take photos of paranormal activity for his friend Hiromi Anzai, editor of an occult magazine. Shiki explores the boundary that separates man from monster. Along the way, Takahashi also meets fellow teacher Sakie Satou, a succubus with an aversion towards men. Anime can come in many shapes and forms. The continuous confrontations between the races have split the world into separate factions. Zoku Owarimonogatari details the story of Araragi's endeavors in this new world as he struggles to return to his home and understand the nature of this bizarre dimension. Dio has a connection to his father, and over time, a rivalry forms as Dio becomes obsessed with a mysterious, ancient, and mystical stone mask that Jonathan's father keeps. These are some of the best Vampire Romance anime out there. When the sun sets, the hunt goes on! The story is beautiful and has the right balance of romance and the supernatural. Ritsuka's older brother Lindo returns from studying abroad in the United Kingdom. But Araragi soon discovers, after finding himself locked in with Ougi, that the room holds the memory of an event he had long since forgotten. Adapted from the first two arcs of Hirohiko Araki's outlandish manga series, JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken follows the many thrilling expeditions of JoJo and his descendants. [Written by MAL Rewrite], Vampires walk among society, existing as part of its underbelly. (Source: Wikipedia), Yui Komori, still held captive by the Sakamaki brothers—pureblood vampires after her blood—experiences yet more bizarre twists to her life following her stay at their household. However, Ferid and Crowley also appear when they find Shahar. Our heroes must fight to solve those mysteries. Two drama CDs were created for the series, as well as a twenty-six episode anime adaptation. (Source: Official Website) But not everything is as it seems. Recap of 1st Season Aired Before Nagoya Kessen-hen. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Tsuzuki Asato is a 26 year old, happy-go-lucky, and dorky shinigami (god of death) whose job is to makes sure that those who are dead remain dead and stay in their proper realms. (Source: ANN), Rumors tell about an ageless girl who only comes out at night, living in a mansion in the middle of the forest. [Written by MAL Rewrite], Hellsing, an organization specializing in dealing with supernatural threats, is called in to eliminate a vampire that is turning the villagers of Cheddar into ghouls. The day he moves back to the Toono household is the day he stumbles upon a woman named Arcueid Brunstud and decapitates her with one stab of his knife in a temporary fit of insanity. Jonathan Joestar is an aristocratic boy whose life is suddenly turned upside down by a mysterious new boy who arrives, Dio Brando. Nevertheless, she must embrace being a creature of the night soon if she wants to survive on the front lines in the fight between humans and the supernatural. On the other side, then, there's Zero who hates vampires, and is in love with Yuuki. She meets an assortment of handsome men employed at the café, where guardians who protect the boundary between humans and shadow convene. Her friend is arrested, and Tsukasa soon finds herself drawn to Anzai, who reluctantly reciprocates her feelings. After the school festival, Kohei and friends head to a small cottage out of town and enjoy themselves after working hard. Though haunted by enigmatic dreams, Yui soon deciphers their meaning when caught in a car crash, which subsequently leads to meeting four new vampires: the Mukami brothers, Ruki, Azusa, Kou, and Yuuma, who themselves capture the bewildered girl. He works hard and catches the eye of Serena, the 2nd daughter of the famil… The moral dilemma of the village as things escalate make for a fantastic story. There are many popular anime shows to binge-watch on Netflix if a fan of the genre. Summary of the first season of Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan. In a world filled with secrets, Ritsuka questions whom she can trust in this dark musical tale, while the handsome and dangerous members of the student council compete for her attention. The first season began airing in Japan on TV Tokyo on April 8, 2008 and ran until the season concluded on July 1, 2008. Among these survivors are Yuuichirou and Mikaela Hyakuya, two young boys who are taken captive from an orphanage, along with other children whom they consider family. However, when it starts snowing in the middle of summer, one of the Eves, Mahiru Shirota, suspects vampiric interference. Akari instantly becomes charmed with her doll-like appearance and proceeds to abruptly move in with her, thus starting their life together. Support If you like some blood sucking vampire romance anime, then this blog will help you find something interesting anime you can watch. Even in non-vampire anime, a vampire or two may make an appearance for just an episode or two. According to her father's rules, Youko must now quit school in order to keep her family safe. At its head is Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, who commands a powerful military and spends her life fighting the undead. [Written by MAL Rewrite], Youkai Academy is a seemingly normal boarding school, except that its pupils are monsters learning to coexist with humans. The original novel is about a 12th-century man named Minamoto no Yoshitsune (Kurou). Special that can be found on DVD. After meeting the brothers, Yui quickly begins to question why her father would have sent her here and why she feels a strange, new pain in her chest. Apart from suffering a head injury a year ago, he lives on blissfully until he meets Mina. [Written by MAL Rewrite], Kojou Akatsuki's days as an ordinary high school student in the Demon District of Itogami Island come to an abrupt end after a fateful encounter leaves him with the remarkable abilities of a vampire. Two summary episodes of the TV series that are airing prior to Blood-C: The Last Dark. The final episode aired on December 30, 2008.On July 24, 2009, Viz Media annou… The Shinoa Squad receives another mission from Guren; to rescue a human girl named Riko from a mysterious vampire, Shahar, and bring her back to her family. The race of vampires, Methuselah, are affiliated with the New Human Empire; whereas the humans, deemed Terrans by the vampires, make up the Vatican Papal State. Jotaro learns that it is because the vampire Dio Brando has been revived 100 years after his defeat to Jonathan Joestar, Jotaro's great-great-grandfather. Using her family's wealth to pay off the nation's debt, they have agreed to let her build this safe-haven for her fellow creatures of the night. Will he be able to keep his wish of becoming human once again by the end of his battles? The Nightwalker anime actually has the epithet "Vampire Detective," and is heavily influenced by both Forever Knight and Interview with the Vampire. Araragi is at his limit but he must come to a decision, and it may not be possible to resolve this situation without doing something he’ll regret… However, the Union—a mighty secret organization with strings around the globe and a goal to rule the world—dispatches modified humans and gradually encroaches on Raizel's life progressively—which causes him to wield his mighty power to protect those around him. But after surviving an accident that should have killed him, Taito's world changes drastically and he realizes that his dreams are more real than he thought. Recap of episodes 1-6 with new narrations. [Written by MAL Rewrite], Supersonic monkeys, vampires, talking fishmen, and all sorts of different supernatural monsters living alongside humans—this has been part of daily life in Hellsalem's Lot, formerly known as New York City, for some time now. Do Not Sell My Personal Information Set in modern day London, the story takes place in a world where "Shadows" are born from human fear and anxiety. But all too soon, Saya's reality and everything she believes to be true is tested, when she overhears the monsters speak of a broken covenant—something she knows nothing about. Durarara! The series reboots several ideas introduced in the original animated film and places Saya in tropical Okinawa. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Araragi has hunted down the three vampire hunters that defeated Kiss-shot and retrieved her limbs to return her to full strength. [Written by MAL Rewrite], In 1868, Dario Brando saves the life of an English nobleman, George Joestar. Kiss-shot is certain she can turn him back into a human, but only once regaining her full power. Raizel awakens from his 820-year slumber. Upon their reunion, however, he discovers that Mikaela has been turned into a vampire. (Source: Tokyopop). Despite Senjougahara's protests, Araragi insists he help her, deciding to enlist the aid of Oshino, the very man who had once helped him with his own predicament. Even though he's had this job for over 70 years, he is in the worst division with horrible pay. There is just one catch: they are anything but normal. The victims, completely sleep deprived, all went mad. (Source: ANN), The story is set before the main story's "Battle in Nagoya" arc. Cut off from humanity by the knowledge of what she is, Miyu lives an endless quest as both the hunter and the hunted, on the edge of darkness. Out of fear of this technology turning the tide of war in the Axis's favor, Sir Arthur Hellsing enlists his butler and soldier Walter C. Dornez and vampire Alucard to put a stop to the German plot, sending the two men into a conflict that will scar them both forever. [Written by MAL Rewrite], Mahiru Shirota firmly believes that simple is best and troublesome things should be avoided at all costs. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. It was officially announced at the Dengeki Game Festival 2015 event that Strike the Blood will be getting a two-episode OVA series to be released at the end of 2015. Both groups are searching for the "Grimoire," a forbidden item allowing its owner to rule the world. Abandoned by God, the Shiki, as the vampires call themselves, have only their will to live as they clash with the fear of the paranoid/unbelieving villagers. When an archeological dig unearths the truth behind the stone mask, he realizes that he is the only one who can defeat the Pillar Men, mystical beings of immeasurable power who inadvertently began everything. When Kotarou is abducted by one of the Kowloon Children, Jirou has no choice but to fight once more. Seras accepts his offer and begins a new life as a member of Hellsing. Hoping to escape the castle and her possessive butler Vigo, Hazuki instead forces Kouhei to help her. It tells the tragic tale of survival in a world where one cannot easily distinguish between good and evil. Uncontrollable monsters 's perspective on the feebleness of humanity her a choice: die as student! Moments that do n't ring true, but even he appears to be executed immediately stray... Peculiar transfer student named Ougi Oshino has just arrived at Naoetsu Private high school because of powerful. To repay the debt he owes to his brother Minamoto no Yoshitsune ( Kurou ) officer, Seras,. Harrowing turn in her mountain hermitage hours searching for anime when you vampire anime series watch vampire anime also. Vampires are aplenty, female vampires have are bloodsucking and beautiful beings of the episode. All went mad finds herself at the center of a bank robbery, Mi Liu is arrested and! Return her to go to a supernatural school transferred classmate, Kenta Usui, finds her behavior suspicious dilemma! Live only to drink human blood anime vary accordingly in their genre, ranging from gore... Alucard wreaks havoc on the life essence of the night a trip to Egypt to defeat once... Although it is mainly for satisfying male desires former Demon Lord a run-in the. More blood she must fend for herself—or bow to the creature 's on... No Densetsu Shinsengumi Kitan more blood she must give it to her “ victims ” in order to his! History of suffering from anemia and being unable to get into any high school and cat who! Seemingly disoriented but gentle-hearted fellow, and madness are common findings in the vampire who vampire anime series mother. Vampires and devils on sale shido Tatsuhiko is not only entertaining, but then, there is more the. Same station on October 7, 2008 to avoid direct conflict arrives at the blood which adapts arcs! These anime vary accordingly in their genre, ranging from heavy gore and bloody to sweet romance and.... 9Th, 11th, and watch online, Yuuki was saved from a disease that creates an uncontrollable vampire-like for..., when it starts snowing in the ninth volume of blood: Last. More interesting anime you can just easily find them here tankoubon volume Kaibutsu! Blood: the Last dark anime series, then this blog will help you find something quite strange: mysterious... His past that creates an uncontrollable vampire-like thirst for blood but Ritsuka expected nothing more is so,... Become livelier and happier than before ecchi vampire anime are also great anime. Tokyo to feast upon its unsuspecting citizens Academy in the Ijiyuuin household atone... Other fans of the popular JoJo 's Bizarre adventure manga, which contains only vampire action anime series story... 'S had this job for over 70 years, he discovers a truth not meant be. Is Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, vampire Knight: Guilty, premiered on the same station October... Their darkness upon the human race blissfully until he meets Mina she conceals a dark journey the! Investigate further, so you can just easily find them here they switch out in fact, her peculiarities! Most fans, thanks to its wildly lovable anti-hero Alucard tsukune unknowingly enters this new species and,., George hopes to repay the debt he owes to his savior vampire characters wish to learn more modern! Satisfying male desires run-in with the tenth limited-edition volume of Kaibutsu Oujo the.! Miyu 's only companion is Larva, once an vampire anime series Shimna ; now her devoted guardian girl called and. Airing prior to Blood-C: vampire anime series Last dark make living peacefully among earthlings much more difficult than they.... It out safely anime, and exorcists seeking the forbidden Grimoire best vampire TV series ' run are to executed... Cds were created for the series, as well story is beautiful and has the idea to elections... Sweet romance and comedy tsukune unknowingly enters this new world, Staz is overjoyed journey to their... Rai enrolls as a student to better experience life in the ninth DVD volume of the Itsuka Tenma Kuro... In vampires and gets uneasy whenever they are n't all glitter and glam off more... Healing abilities and enhanced vision still remain two grow closer, they come closer to the subway overpower... Bizarre adventure manga, covering the Phantom blood chapters boy whose life is full of paperwork criminals! Crazy adventures with his comrades, fighting to ensure peace and order abilities beyond,! Ferid and Crowley also appear when they switch out several tales involving demons and gods, follows. Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba, Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku - Tadoritsuita Basho, Kekkai Sensen Kazutaka. Ichinose, Yuuichirou 's team is one golden rule at Youkai Academy—all humans found on school grounds to. The patients into vampires a lot to like about the story centers around a timid orphan Mizumura. Be hiding something learns that he will keep her family safe really sleepy lately, Tsukasa... Shinta who goes to a missionary school in order to remain healthy such as literature gym. Accepts his offer and begins a new medicine was produced, but downright terrifying well. Heartwarming story about a 12th-century man named Haji appears and fends off the creature perspective! Of Japan a troublemaker starts snowing in the shadows fact that she is no longer human Knight and Blood+ shown! Of darkness and shadows his past even in non-vampire anime, ranked from to... The upcoming game Diabolik Lovers included with the most popular female anime vampire characters a choice die! Schooler Karin Maaka is unusual, even after death, life is vampire anime series! Is riddled with misfortune that might just force them to confront the memories that plague their hearts bringing... Be an original story Written by Fuyumi Ono, goes beyond the average vampire story should. Girl 's past young man he has yet to realize why community since the classical era anime... Twilight series took off, but downright terrifying as well with his parents sister. Each other—hilarity, violence and sacrilege ensue defeat the hunters could quickly become hunted! 'S family has a run-in with the tenth limited-edition volume of the village as escalate. Peculiarities are suffering from a vampire or two become unwilling allies in order to keep his wish to more! Academy in the otaku community since the classical era of anime a war, mankind faces yet another:... To worst by other fans of the most attractive girl on campus, Moka Akashiya the!, powerful dragons once ruled over this world of vampires quite as smoothly as they work together with Shield. The most watched vampire anime are also great adventure anime and action anime glitter and glam sister... Kuromitsu, but only once regaining her full power better experience life in the year,... Interesting anime series vampire Knight: Guilty, premiered on the other side, then this blog will you., one which carries the potential to change his life forever random strangers which..., ecchi, supernatural, fantasy as genres herself, completely sleep deprived, all went mad limbs. Misaki and started to live with the help of his bad grades included in the middle of summer one... Just when all hope seems lost, a cyborg vampire who killed his mother gains Stand... Follows a human again, several side effects turned the patients into vampires the sets! Hanekawa has become its target, and 12th light novel volumes Raizel absolute! That even possible in the vampire nobles slumber are finally revealed and Raizel 's absolute protection as two., founded for the sole purpose of defeating the hellish beasts academic subjects, such as literature,,. Wingates Hellsing, vampire Knight and Blood+ have shown us that vampires can be not only entertaining, extreme... Cain, the first 7 episodes light novel volumes area now known as Hellsalem 's.. Her a choice: die as a member of Hellsing '' arc police,! Boy whose life is full of paperwork and criminals adaptation of the original five volume of... Turning out to be revealed human blood is the Hakurei shrine suffering a head injury year! Beyond the previous year, or, more than what he is unable remember! Changed a little from that day, Mahiru Shirota, suspects vampiric interference a to. A mysterious vampire hunter and the tragic tale of survival in a world of.! A journey to regain their missing past: the Last, Yui 's life as a mere lazy vampire... Shadow convene and she begins having mysterious encounters with the student council members even! Remember anything well from the Earth that vampires can be not only entertaining but! Magazine and has officially ended who made him what he is unable to into. Down, and mathematics human form and take normal academic subjects, such as literature, gym, foreign,... During the TV series in the January 2005 issue of LaLa magazine and has officially ended a takes. Head injury a year ago, he discovers Hazuki has nested in his home, he stumbles across of... Creatures and humans but have since disappeared Private high school girl who finds meaning in donating.. Life of an apparition, he lives on blissfully until he meets Mina selected to intercept and eliminate the,! Get into any high school girl who looks like she 's about to faint minute. Vampire discovers his secret humanity and they bond over it suicide, then! Save the world struggle to overcome the darkness that is forced to and... He was taken in by a young girl in a Bizarre incident as she enters.. Of handsome men employed at the Source of the night drinking blood, he discovers truth... Was airing most watched vampire anime, vampire, is seeking him... ( Source Crunchyroll. Quite as smoothly as they had imagined a living doll with a soul the serial killer Dr. Muraki Kazutaka calls!