If you have only a 2-ton cheapy engine hoist, it's best to remove the pallet first. This little wave could do quite a few things including cut threads. The outer pulleys on the motor and the spindle just broke and threw the belt on mine and I cannot get to the place to put in the model number on Harbor Freight Parts.com. NOVA 46300 at $469.56. 3. **New Replacement BELT** Central Machinery 95607 8x12 Bench Top Mini Lathe. Harbor freight tools lathe 41648. *NEW GEARS & BELT* Central Machinery Harbor Freight 93212 Mini Lathe 7 x 10. SUPERX3.COM This was a definite upgrade :) Notice that the crate sits atop a pallet. Replacement Drive Toothed Belt for Harbor Freight 44859 Central Machinery 8"x12" Precision Bench Top Mini Lathe, Parts Diagram Item 1520. Central Machinery. Introduction To Harbor Freight 12 x 33 WoodLathe. google_ad_format = "300x250_as"; MDAHacks.com T-Mobile MDA / Cingular 8125 / HTC Wizard Hacks, Tweaks, Tips, Tricks and More! The Harbor lathe has these specs. We stock all toothed drive belts. sat around for a few months until now... finally get to use a 1/2" jobber drill A relatively new addition to the Harbor Freight catalog, the 8x12 SKU 44859 is currently priced at $499.99 and has the shipping weight listed as 260 lbs. 7 in. Website LinksPost a link to your website or view other hobby and machine and metalworking websites for free. Klutch 49656 at $689.99. So, like I said, "Shop in your own country". Its longer length also makes it easier to turn. MT1 Shank Mini Lathe Drill Chuck. Free shipping. sldprt. It is the first woodlathe I used since highschool some 50 years ago! SUPERX3.COM Sieg X3 and Super X3 Grizzly G0463 Info. The standard chuck is a 4" 3-jaw compared to a 3" 3-jaw on the 7x10. Page 2-Discussion Harbor Freight discontinues the 8x12 lathe Life, The Universe, and Politics //-->. They didn't really do a good job of supporting it when they carried it. Earlier in 2017 I decided to upgrade my Harbor Freight (Central Machinery) 7 x 10 mini-lathe as I was seeing many online videos which were advising improvements for this lathe. For you don’t want to spend too much money on the lathe at the beginning of your woodturning career. Luckily I bought a spare set of half nuts while they carried it. 2 In. Also remember that you automatically remove 20% from the price tag of any Harbor Freight lathe with a coupon.