We have a 2016 Dutchman Areolite and lost an entire wheel after putting on the spare tire due to defective tires also. Pics attached and i have more Please tell me what you think. VERY POOR QUALITY RV! 2014 Dutchmen Voltage Haulers 3200 2014 Dutchmen Voltage Haulers Toy Hauler FW 3600 The Voltage 3200 is the smallest fifth wheel toy hauler of the Voltage series, but dont let yourself think that means that its lacking in features and luxury. One side works only half the time. Dealers set and control pricing of the products they sell. 2019 Dutchmen Coleman Light LX This brand new 2019 Coleman 285BH is a beautiful unit perfect for the kids or grandkids!! And when you look up the rating for the tires they put on it and the weight of the camper---the tires are maxed out. There is construction debri everywhere which should have been cleaned up. Also found a wire that goes to breaker loose. Dutchmen RV is a manufacturer of RV towables. First camping our electric hitch jack went out and had to be replaced under warranty. Toy hauler Plan was to buy something I could live in, while building a house. Come to find out they dont cover factory cosmetic issues, warranty the defect instead of claiming as damage when it is clearly not damage. After clearing out the smoke I called Dutchman to make a warranty claim and let them know I was heading to the ER for issues with smoke inhalation... if it was my company, I would have at least called a customer that our defect could have killed to check on them and assure I would get to the bottom of all the safety issues and correct them, Obviously Dutchman doesn't feel the same. 1. Reattached trim...all little stuff. Dutchmen are not honoring their warranty and will not fix it properly! It's our third RV, and this one by far is the most comfortable and livable. September husband took it out for a weekend. Dutchmen Manufacturing, a division of Keystone RV, reserves the right to change prices, components, standards, options and specifications without notice and at any time. Many times they give us a quote to fix something and when we go pick it up, their prices are extremely higher and they don't even fix everything broke. I guess the 2 other tires on that side floated over top of this so called impact? We fixed Again it has axles, wheels, tires. produces several widely recognized brands of recreational vehicles which include; Aerolite, Aspen Trail, Breckenridge, Coleman, Denali, Dutchmen, Infinity, Kodiak, Komfort, Razorback, Rubicon and Voltage. they are fixing the problem now. Had I not been here we would have lost our brand new RV, pets and all... had it happened in the middle of the night I am certain my wife and I would have perished along with them. It has power awning with rain dump feature. Bill Middleton from Ontario says: Quite possibly the biggest mistake I've ever made. again it has wheels. 6. User's recommendation: Don’t buy a Coleman Trailer. In the 3d year the water tank fell out wile we were going down the road. Still waiting on warranty. Later after she died, we finally were able to get it back into the shop. The Kodiak Ultimate travel trailer by Dutchmen RV is the leader in lightweight technology, and comes standard with Dutchmen's construction advantage, and modern design touches throughout. Dutchmen Rv (46 reviews) 2018 Dutchmen Coleman Lantern 263bh Rv (4 reviews) 2013 Dutchmen 282rbs Rv (2 reviews) Really nice awning. Watch YouTube videos , both Tips on purchasing and RVing in general. away Chat Text Email Call 1-877-526-0941 ! Like I said the first... Read full review. Finally get it in for service and Keystone won't cover. Find Dutchmen RVs For Sale. I’m calling my lawyer tomorrow. The algorithm parameters are: users' rating, number of resolved issues, number of company's responses etc. 20,000 miles over 2 years is not that much. NOTHING!!! A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile. We were told it all would be warrantied. I have worked here for the last 4 years and it has been tough, but very rewarding. First month the inverter burnt up. Dutchmen Manufacturing, a division of Keystone RV, reserves the right to change prices, components, standards, options and specifications without notice and at any time. 4 months later, went to pick it up and husband noticed it had been hit and damaged while it was in the shop and no one noticed! Took it over twice for them to not find an issue both times. Again not covered so we spent the next week hammering all of the trailer back together. Review #2006880 is a subjective opinion of poster. Rating Read about the experiences consumers and owners have had with Dutchmen Travel Trailer RVs and view their reviews … The inside shower skylight was cracked sometime in the first year. Read about the experiences consumers and owners have had with Dutchmen Kodiak RVs and view their reviews and ratings on various aspects of them. Add in the fifth or sixth person it says you can do and boy is it like a sardine in a tin can. We have contacted our dealer and they say there is nothing they can do with it, I know there are shorter legs because Campers world carries them so why can't they get one for us .Don't think I would recommend the dealer. I am currently living with friends and waiting for housing because of this. 2017 Dutchmen RV Voltage Epic V3970, Used 2017 Dutchmen RV Voltage Epic V3970 for sale at Johnson RV® #14289H With 11' of cargo space for... Johnson RV Fife, WA - 144 mi. We have not been able to really use it . 4. 14. I have a two month old camper that I can’t even use. Aerolite model one of the oldest brands for Dutchmen RV. Dealers set and control pricing of the products they sell. Dutchmen offers a turnkey recreational vehicle experience that is attractive to many young buyers. POS? Said it was fixed sent it back. It was built solid and no problems. Review #1974933 is a subjective opinion of poster. Be sure to review current product details with your local dealer. A/C trips in garage regularly after paying to have all 3 serviced, oven igniter rarely works, both pole speakers for outdoor TV/ stereo stopped working after using 2 X's, There are also noticeable and esthetically unpleasant bind areas of the side paneling and trim, over both sides of the triple axles. Good thing I did. There are a staggering 34-floor plans to choose from, and within this selection, there are many choices to make. He rerouted the battery cable spaghetti mess. I don't know what it will take yet to get it repaired and don't know if we will ever feel safe in it again! Then 2 days ago the water heater shorted out and started a fire! Thank you! All of the pantry shelves collapsed--including the one that only had paper products on it. One of the things we liked about the 4175 was this little counter by itself near the pantry...thought it would make a great "coffee bar". It was a tire defect, the tread separated. Warranty work takes a while, and thats even if they decide to warranty it, they will tell you it is damage because it was not noted at the dealer as defected. Since 1991, Dutchmen have operated as a … When looking inside the cabinets it looks like the installers used a hammer to create opening in walls to pass wires and plumbing through. Thank you! Recent published reviews. Thank goodness nothing happened because during that trip my 7 year old grandson and 2 year old granddaughter had been sleeping on the jack knife sofa below with their parents on that top bed!!!!! Worst experience of our life! Be sure to review current product details with your local dealer. We thought we had found the perfect 5th wheel, great floor plan, beautiful interior, all the features we could imagine and then some... then we took it out on our first trip. three months to have another trailer ordered. We came home the middle of October and as we were unloading one of the motorcycles the ramp door began to break. 2015 Aspen Trail Issues. Be sure to review current product details with your local dealer. The wood trim on slide is bowed out. - Dianne Clewien, Oklahoma Did you find this useful? The dining room tables leg holders {mounts} were in the wrong spot, The 12Vdc wiring is all 6 gauge whereas for the amp load in the trailer it should be 2 gauge. We fixed Very unhappy , dissatisfied. Dutchmen ranks 914 of 4300 in Dealers category. Roadside assistance ($480.00 later plus having to replace all the tires, all 5 at $700.00 and the trailer damage) said that it was the wrong wheel for the hub. No votes I was thinking of purchasing an RV again after getting out of the RV life in 1996.. After reading reviews on several... Read full review.