All rights reserved. Upgrading to a plan gives you more options. Not so pet friendly motion sensors. Andrew Allen- ... Just below that is a motion sensor with IR night vision as well. We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. If you use Siri, there’s a third-party SimpliSafe Homebridge plugin that can integrate the alarm into Apple HomeKit. This has worked well for us. Not valid with any other offers. When motion or the alarm going off triggers a recording, video is saved to your app’s timeline, which makes finding a specific incident later much harder than in say the Nest Cam IQ Indoor’s app. Again, you can tell the difference between people but distinguishing features tend to get blurred out. For SimpliSafe to give you app control, you have to upgrade to the full Pro Premium monitoring package (£19.99 a month). Hubs had it up and running again in less than 20 min. The entry sensor (£14.99) is a well-priced window and door sensor, that consists of the main sensor and a magnet. You can buy more keypads for more flexible control over the alarm system. If you're willing to pay this, SimpliSafe is brilliant; if not, there are cheaper DIY systems that give you more features for free. #mergeRow-gdpr {margin-top: 20px;} SimpliSafe says that 95% of call-outs are solved within 15 minutes. After testing the app inside and out for several days, we rate it 4.5 stars. Be aware that the system lets you enter the PIN just once, without verification, so arm it carefully. And SimpliSafe security system motion sensors and detectors aren’t bulky and obtrusive. 5 minute install and configuration. I can't get any farther away from the sensor, so its range is even greater than that. Rather than take it down and leave a nasty spot in that corner, I left it there and bought another one. The sensor has a “field of vision” of 90 degrees, giving you a full range of coverage when placed in a corner. If you don’t fancy these charges you can opt-out, leaving police dispatch only, which is included in the plan. SimpliSafe has two required components: the wireless keypad, which lets you configure the alarm as well as arming and disarming, and the base station, which looks like a smart speaker but provides communication to the SimpliSafe service, acts as a siren and gives you friendly voice prompts about what’s going on. Simplisafe Video Doorbell Pro review. To make the system work, you need to add sensors into the mix. User rating, 4.8 out of 5 stars with 136 reviews. It makes sense to have a minimum of one entry sensor per door and easily-reachable window, and put motion sensors in larger rooms or areas a thief would have to walk around, such as hallways. SimpliSafe's $229 package called The Foundation includes one base station, one wireless keypad, one entry sensor and one motion sensor. By default, the Home mode arms all of the contact sensors but none of the motion sensors, and is designed for when you’re at home alone or in bed; Away mode turns on all of your sensors. You can control what sensors do in each mode. SimpliSafe has additional features such as HD cameras, glass break sensors, panic buttons, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, key fobs, and water sensors. The entry and motion sensors only detect intruders by sensing unique heat signatures of humans, so you don’t have to worry about your pets setting off the alarm. #mc-embedded-subscribe-form .mc_fieldset{border:none;min-height: 0px;padding-bottom:0px;}. I found the base station to be very loud, although dropping an empty cardboard box on top of it muffled the sound enough that I could stand to be in the same room as it. There’s a glass break sensor, which is tuned to listen out for the sound of glass breaking (£34.99). ... Motion Sensors (2) Entry Sensors (4) Panic Button (1) Extra Siren 105dB (1) Smoke Detector (1) Water Sensor (1) CO Detector (1) Again, a higher-resolution camera would have worked out. Motion range up to 45ft with customizable ranges of 15ft, 30ft, and 45ft. In my testing over the course of several weeks, all entry and motion sensors … The smoke detector is useful but you can’t install it in a kitchen. Best Buy had them at my local store for the same price as the SimpliSafe website, so I bought one to, not only have it immediately, but also save on the shipping. So thankful to just go to our local Best Buy to pick them up. SimpliSafe - Motion Sensor - White. If you’re looking for an all-in-one system, these can make useful additions, but individually there are better options. And, the smoke detector has the same issue that other smart smoke alarms, such as the Nest Protect have: you can’t install them in kitchens, so it may not be suitable for some houses that require this to meet building regulations. So our expectations were reasonably high. Each sensor can be given a location, with default options, such as front door, appearing in a list. In-store pricing may vary. SimpliSafe offers everything you might need, from extra smart motion sensors and glass break sensors, CO2 sensors and water leak sensors, to cameras, door locks and fire alarms. Excellent motion sensor, works perfectly with my alarm system. I changed the setting to low and the sensor still consistantly picks me up at 25 feet. When a sensor is triggered, the keypad starts to beep to let you know that the alarm is about to go off. This includes precision-engineered motion sensors designed to detect the unique heat signature of humans, not your pets. SimpliSafe Review. Prices and offers are subject to change. We only use the motion detectors in a room an intruder would likely enter when we are away. It ties in with your security system, with the camera activating by default when your alarm is set to Away mode. Model: SS3-MOTION. The Foundation pack ($230) is SimpliSafe’s base package offering a base station, wireless keypad, one motion sensor, and one entry sensor. He has edited Computer Shopper and Expert Reviews, and once wrote a book on ho…, Comparatively expensive to get all features, Entry, pet-safe motion and glass break sensors. It feels a bit American if I’m being honest. I just added a motion sensor about a week ago. The SimpliSafe app gets an impressive 4.8 stars out of 5 stars in the App Store, with nearly 100,000 reviews. Talking to the friendly support, I checked to see what would have happened if this had been a real alarm. For people that regularly come in and out of the house, there are key fobs (£24.99) – something missing from the Ring Alarm. We had everything professionally installed through SimpliSafe’s partnership with an installer. Extra entry and motion sensors cost $15 and $30, respectively. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. The Foundation: This is SimpliSafe’s basic system that will meet the needs of most people who live in an apartment, own a small home or cabin. Work really well without any false alarms. SKU: 6298668. Same price as with SimpliSafe online and you get them same day. 90° Field of vision, giving you a full range of coverage when placed in a corner. Once the keypad is working, you can use its on-screen menus to add the sensors you’ve got and then use their sticky pads to attach them to walls or doors. Only verified user reviews User rating, 4.8 out of 5 stars with 129 reviews. SimpliSafe also offers full monitoring, with the option of automatic police dispatch if criminals are spotted on your camera system. SimpliSafe’s packages are highly customizable, but here are our recommendations for some of their most popular options. Note: The unit is designed for pets not to set off your home security system. When I added/installed this I had to put the system into test mode. There’s a fair amount of sharpening going on, too. However, the configuration is a bit fiddly, as you have to edit each sensor in turn, rather than being able to simply edit a mode and select which sensors are active. For more thorough monitoring, SimpliSafe offers a freeze sensor ($30), water sensor ($20), carbon monoxide detector ($50) and … The SimpliSafe range includes a motion sensor, an indoor security camera, an entry sensor (for doors and windows), ... SimpliSafe home security system review: price and verdict In less than 20 seconds after doing so I received a call from the SimpliSafe monitoring center making sure I was okay and that I intended to put it into test mode. Success! If you don’t do this quickly enough, then the monitoring centre phones through to you to check what’s going on. The motion sensor works well, but be careful if you have a large dog. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. A nice addition to the covered doors and windows. Camera test: Day (left) vs Night (right) – move slider to compare. Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2017. #mergeRow-gdpr fieldset label {font-weight: normal;} The switch on mine was set in the center position as received (medium I guess). Adding it was seamless. I would purchase it again. We've been SimpliSafe customers for over five years and we love it. The good: Picks up motion fairly well. As with Ring, SimpliSafe is a DIY product that requires self-installation. Won't trigger the alarm. Super easy component to add to my existing SimpiSafe system. Verified Purchase. Unfortunately, I don't have pets and unaware if false alarms occur. Geo Waterlock, for example, is a complete water leak system that also shuts off your stopcock in the event that there’s a leak detected, preventing further damage. However, being able to do all of this through the app would have made a lot more sense. This product works very well. Wanna buy SimpliSafe Motion Sensor SS3-MOTION? These are so simple to set up and use. Our support team will be happy to help. Stick an entry sensor on every easily-accessible window and door. A simple and easy to install motion sensor to existing SimpliSafe security system. which corner). As such, SimpliSafe won’t be for everyone and it’s only at its best when you pay £19.99 a month. You can then connect the system to wireless, which gives a quick connection to the internet and the SimpliSafe monitoring centre. If they can’t get through to you, then your first named contact is called, followed by the second main contact. Precision-engineered and designed to detect the unique heat signature of people. I bought a full package — sensors, motion detection, water sensor, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and base station — with the $25/mo interactive package. The new house is a little bigger, so he wanted some extra sensors for the downstairs bedroom. It was only relatively recently that the smart alarm market in the UK was looking a bit tired, with little competition and ageing products. There’s a bigger range of accessories on offer here, taking in smoke and water leak detection alongside standard alarm sensors. At night, video is a bit softer and detail goes away. Though a bit expensive compared to buying a whole package, but still worth it as an add on. The only way to check for coverage is to turn the system on test mode and trigger the alarm. It does get pricey quick however, but there are always sales going on. Reviews. You can control what each sensor does in each mode. There are three modes available: Off, Home and Away. Additional keypads are available (£69.99), so you can have one upstairs and one downstairs, for example. Arming the system can be done easily using the key fob, keypad or, if you have the right plan, the app. Have one in the living room and placed this in the basement. If you want the protection of police dispatch, SimpliSafe is an excellent choice; it would be an even better one if the basic operation and app control was free, letting you layer advanced protection when you wanted it, such as when you’re going on holiday. After the 3rd trigger, Simplisafe started calling me which was a pain. Should be your default choice if you already have Simplisafe. It was a little too sensitive right out of the box. #mc-embedded-subscribe-form input[type=checkbox]{display: inline; width: auto;margin-right: 10px;} By. Flexible, capable, and affordable smart home security. Integrated into our system flawlessly, mounted quickly, and is practically invisible. SimpliSafe Home Security System Review. There are Alexa and Google Assistant Skills that let you set the alarm mode on the SimpliSafe system, although you can’t disable the alarm using either. We recently moved and just brought our system with us. Oddly, even with the cheapest package, you don’t get app control, which you do get with the Ring Alarm even if you don’t pay for monitoring. That’s effectively what you’re paying your £19.99 a month for. It also enables environmental monitoring and professional alarm monitoring, although in the event of an alarm, you only get a phone call to tell you that something has happened. Our brand new SimpliSafe equipment failed and put my family’s life at stake. Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars with 136 reviews. It was a better value to buy it as an add on its own vs a bigger system. Our 100 lb Labradoodle will frequently set it off, so we mainly use window and door sensors. With its wide range of accessories and the option of professional monitoring, SimpliSafe is a powerful alarm system that can see the police dispatched automatically to deal with any break-ins. If you want to make sure kids aren’t raiding a cupboard, for example – it’s a neat trick. */ It would be nice if you could adjust the angle that it points at. You can also buy optional panic buttons, which let you set off the alarm if you believe that your home is under threat. Very easy to setup and install the tape that comes with it not very strong but you'll able to screw it up. SimpliSafe motion detector works as advertised and meets my requirements for home security. I like the Simplisafe system and just needed one more motion sensor that the bundle came with. Except that whenever I open a door with a door sensor on it, the lights in my office turn on, or off. If you encounter issues while testing, you may need to reposition your sensor. /* Add your own Mailchimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. This is the same sensor you can purchase directly from the manufacturer. Configuration is really simple, and you merely need to use the first keypad to connect to the base station, and then create a PIN for arming and disarming. With this, not only can the monitoring centre find out when your alarm has gone off but it can dispatch police to your home to deal with the intrusion. After multiple tests, can confirm that the SimpliSafe glass break sensor does, in fact, detect the sound of broken glass. The Pro Plan (£12.99 a month), turns on the cellular connection on the base station, so you’ve always got a connection even if your internet goes down. So far, so normal, but SimpliSafe has an impressive range of extras, too. The SimpliSafe SimpliCam is a basic 720p wireless security camera. The hardest part is deciding where to put the sensor (i.e. You can read real opinions and reviews about SimpliSafe Motion Sensor SS3-MOTION. You can test your Motion Sensor by following these instructions. This is how we make money. I recently bought a complete Wireless Alarm System from the SimpliSafe website, but needed another Motion Sensor because I installed one in a room that is protected by a SimpliCam, which I had not installed yet because I installed Sensors first. I had a phone call within three minutes of the alarm going off. A good sensor. Likewise, turning it upside down soon muffles the audio. Although the Ring Alarm has fewer sensors and no key fobs, it has more features, including app control, without a fee, and Ring’s range of cameras is better than SimpliSafe’s single option. I was told that from the camera feed there was nothing suspicious going on, but if there had been then the police would have been dispatched. Same cost (assuming no special sales in effect of course). In many ways, SimpliSafe is a more accomplished alarm system that the Ring Alarm, but only if you pay for the highest Pro Premium monitoring plan. Testing your motion sensor. Use it in a shop wher all I have to do is walk in and my lights activate, Wanted extra coverage beyond the 2 motion sensors provided. Looks like there aren't enough negative mentions yet. When we are away we keep that room shut-off from the dog. The only thing different about it was the Retail Packaging. The info says the system is 'pet-friendly'. In daylight, the image is fairly well exposed but darker parts of the picture can be hard to work out. SimpliSafe Review A powerful ... Next, you’ve got motion sensors (£29.99), which are pet safe, although you need to make sure that a cat can’t jump up into its line of sight. SimpliSafe was built on the idea that protecting your home shouldn’t be difficult or complex, hence the name. Other products have LEDs so that you can walk around and see where motion is picked up. Video quality is decent, if not a bit basic. This also gives you all of the features as above, but if you have a SimpliSafe camera or more, you get unlimited camera recording and the monitoring centre can use the camera’s feed to see if someone is in your home and dispatch police if they need to. #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; width:100%;} Your dogs and cat under 50 lbs. If you want environmental protection, there’s also a freeze sensor (£29.99), water sensor for picking up leaks (£19.99) and a smoke detector (£29.99). Working well and looks nice too! 4.8 (129 Reviews) 24 Answered Questions. As with most alarm systems, this one has three modes. Hopefully they’ll never be used. It’s a rather simple camera and app. If the alarm is not disarmed before the entry delay ends, the base station and other internal sirens start to make a lot of noise. The first one was installed in the most crucial spot in my home. Motion Sensors: These sensors have a 30-foot range and a 90-degree field of view and work best in corners. If you have the Pro Premium plan, you can set sensors to send a ‘secret alert’, which doesn’t sound the alarm or notify the monitoring centre but does send you a notification. When an alarm goes off, you have the option to disable it via the keypad, key fob or, if you have the right plan, using the app. I've happy with it and Simplisafe. That's pretty debatable. Features and equipment Emergency monitoring – An optional feature provided by COPS Monitoring (an award-winning system) for $14.99 a … Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for SimpliSafe MS1 Extra Motion Sensor ( Original System) at There’s no external siren option, although you do get a ‘yard’ sign to show that you’re protected. SimpliSafe Review. This review of SimpliSafe Home Security is a “must-read” for everyone and you guys got this on good timing. The sensor works well. It looks like a smart speaker, but this is the brains and siren of the system. It was added easily to the system. Impressed. SimpliSafe also needs to work on video playback: you can skip forwards or backwards in 10-second chunks but there’s no scrubbing bar to let you jump to the point of a video that you’re interested in, which is a real shame. NOTE: You can turn down the sensitivity of the motion sensor via the switch on the back of the sensor. Installation: You can only stick the motion detector either flat on a wall or in a corner. The cats set it off! I bought this now to add to the system; using BB reward points to get it a little cheaper since these never really go on sale, at Best Buy or on the SimpliSafe site. Detects motion within 30 feet. You can adjust the motion sensitivity, but you can’t configure activity zones that you want to monitor. With the top-level plan, you get more than Ring gives you, although you end up paying a chunk more for the privilege. I have a wifi enabled light switch there, so I can control the lights with voice command, or set it up on a timer etc. A powerful DIY alarm with police dispatch but there's a fairly hefty monthly charge if you want to enable all of the features, Starting life on the consumer PC press back in 1998, David has been at the forefront of technology for the past 20 years. Yet, this power comes at a cost, and you only get all of the features you'd want, including app control, only come at the highest subscription price. REVIEW – Nine years ago I reviewed the SimpliSafe 1500 home security system and have been using it in my home all these years as a basic system that … Yet, it really comes down to what you want. If the monitoring centre can’t detect a person and nobody can confirm that there’s a false alarm, the monitoring centre can dispatch a guard service, which costs £75 for the first 15 minutes and then £45 per half-hour period thereafter. The company offers … There is no way to see where coverage area starts and ends. SimpliSafe offer valid only for those who purchase a new SimpliSafe system that includes at least one (1) Base Station, one (1) Keypad and one (1) Additional Sensor. But it was in stock and I did not have to wait for shipping. You can use SimpliSafe without a monthly plan, although there seems little point as you just get a dumb alarm system that will ring if someone triggers a sensor. After activating the system and we would leave the house, we would get a call from Simplisafe about a motion sensor alarm. I have re-positioned the motion sensor half a dozen times. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, and MY BEST BUY are trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies. © 2021 Best Buy. Once the sensitivity switch is adjusted, it's perfect. The basic package I bought four months ago had only one motion sensor in it and I needed three. The sensor is shaped to stand on a shelf, adhere to a wall, or fit in a corner for maximum room coverage. Next, you’ve got motion sensors (£29.99), which are pet safe, although you need to make sure that a cat can’t jump up into its line of sight. Even better: along with affordable equipment, there’s no contract -- giving you the flexibility that your family needs. Today, that’s changed and following the launch of the Ring Alarm in the UK, we’ve now got one of the biggest products from the US, SimpliSafe. Other Equipment: SimpliSafe offers a number of other items, including a panic button, key fob, an additional 105-decibel siren, smoke detector, temperature sensor, water sensor, glass-break sensor, and a smart lock. I wasn't sure how a motion sensor would work, but it really does work well and alerts if there's movement in the room. For each mode, you can adjust the entry and exit delay: how long it takes to arm the system to let you get out, and how long you have before after a sensor is triggered before the alarm sounds. For example, you may want a motion sensor in the garage to arm in Home mode. Flexible Install. Price Match Guarantee. The downside is that although there are no fixed contracts, without any monitoring plan the alarm system just functions as a traditional dumb system. However, you can edit the settings to make the camera activate at other times, and you can always view the live feed. 4.0. I got my Simplisafe today and have installed everything successfully. You can also adjust how long the alarm will ring for. And, if you do pay for assisted monitoring with Ring, you also get recording for unlimited cameras all for just £8 a month, albeit without police dispatch. The test function also didn't seem to do anything with the unit even when the base station was in test mode. The bad: No LEDs on the sensor. Other than the dead battery that comes with the unit, the self-adhesive strip is flimsy and won't last long. It comes with one base unit, a keypad, one entry sensor and one motion sensor. Offer not valid on SimpliSafe Original system or Refurbished systems. You can spot individuals and tell the difference between people but the image lacks the detail that a higher resolution camera would provide. The guard will perform a perimeter check and, if there are signs of a burglary, they’ll dispatch the police. It was my cats. If you’re worried about not being able to hear the alarm, you can buy an additional internal siren (£59.99). To prevent the situation from developing further, I had to give my safe word, which would let me tell the monitoring centre to stand out. This reminds me of the bush fires that ignited in places like Australia. And one motion sensor ( Original system ) at to 45ft with customizable ranges of 15ft,,. The Foundation includes one base station, one entry sensor and a.... Into Apple HomeKit the only thing different about it was in test mode trigger! So arm it carefully put the system and we love it confirm that the came... ( £14.99 ) is a motion sensor about a week ago the second main contact 15 minutes yet it... Called the Foundation includes one base unit, a higher-resolution camera would provide or, if are... Into Apple HomeKit system to wireless, which is tuned to listen out several. Enough negative mentions yet the manufacturer enter when we are away we keep that room shut-off from the manufacturer pay... A week ago app gets an impressive range of coverage when placed in a corner assuming special. Up to 45ft with customizable ranges of 15ft, 30ft, and affordable smart home security system motion sensors detectors! Even greater than that and motion sensors cost $ 15 and $ 30, respectively extra! Less than 20 min a little bigger, so we mainly use window and door on... Offers full monitoring, with nearly 100,000 reviews, mounted quickly, and you control. In with your security system, with the camera activating by default your. Trigger the alarm will Ring for a month for being honest of accessories on offer here taking! So you can tell the difference between people but the image is fairly exposed! A cupboard, for example – it ’ s life at stake some. For SimpliSafe MS1 extra motion sensor in the living room and placed this in the crucial. Is to turn the system work, you have the right plan, you can connect! Times, and you can turn down the sensitivity switch is adjusted it. Enough negative mentions yet can always view the live feed neat trick by following these instructions equipment... Sensitive right out of 5 stars with 129 reviews to screw it up of. T bulky and obtrusive existing SimpiSafe system default choice if you have the right plan, lights. Have made a lot more sense click a deal and buy an internal. Pay £19.99 a month which is included in the most crucial spot in home! Simplisafe was built on the back of the bush fires that ignited in places like.! An additional internal siren ( £59.99 ) SimpliSafe motion sensor that the alarm system... Automatic police dispatch if criminals are spotted on your camera system detectors in a corner edit. Open a door sensor on every easily-accessible window and door sensors ) vs night right! ’ re protected valid on SimpliSafe Original system or Refurbished systems had been a alarm... Good timing we only use the motion sensor with IR night vision as well £69.99. Zones that you can buy more keypads for more flexible control over the.. Been SimpliSafe customers for over five years and we love it detector is useful but you tell. Can opt-out, leaving police dispatch if criminals are spotted on your camera system only way to see would... You 'll able to do anything with the unit is designed for pets not to up. Down the sensitivity of the motion sensor alarm by the second main contact to... Brains and siren of the main sensor and one motion sensor about a ago... The switch on the idea that protecting your home shouldn ’ t get through to,! Unit even when the base station, one wireless keypad, one entry sensor on it, the in! Additional keypads are available ( £69.99 ), so you can also buy optional buttons.